2023 Olympia Pro Wheelchair Results

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The Olympia 2023 Pro Wheelchair winner is…

The Pro wheelchair divisions gets stronger and stronger each year at the Olympia. This year, Karol Milewski was able to reach the pinnacle of the division and take down five-time champion Harold Kelley.

Milewski becomes the first bodybuilder to defeat Kelley on the Olympia stage. Gabriele Andriulli defeated Harold Kelley at the 2022 Arnold Classic but he was able to get his revenge in Las Vegas. Milewski showed off an impressive physique and routine that got the judges attention right away.

Typically, the Pro Wheelchair division is judged from the waist up. But the nature of the injury is detailed before each routine to bring context to what they can and cannot train as effectively. This plays into the judges decisions to some degree.

This weekend held the 2023 Olympia Pro Wheelchair competition, showcasing the best wheelchair bodybuilders in the world. All fighting for the title of number one. The results have finally been announced. You can check them out below:

2023 Olympia Pro Wheelchair Results

  • First Place – Karol Milewski
  • Second Place – Harold Kelley
  • Third Place – Josue Fabiano Barreto Monteiro
  • Fourth Place – Mohammadreszi Tabrizi Nouri
  • Fifth Place – Gabrielle Andruili
  • Sixth Place – Tyler Brey
  • Seventh Place – Antoni Khadraoui
  • Eighth Place – Tory Jones
  • Ninth Place – Bradley Betts
  • Tenth Place – Tim Caldwell

2023 Official Olympia Pro Wheelchair Score Card

Previous Olympia Pro Wheelchair Winners

  • 2022: Harold Kelley
  • 2021: Harold Kelley
  • 2020: Harold Kelley
  • 2019: Harold Kelley
  • 2018: Harold Kelley

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