Gripping barbell with a specific hand first

Once you’re on the bench and are right about to lift the bar from the rack, have you ever have that nagging feeling that you’ve done something wrong. For some reason things just seem off if you grab the barbell with the “wrong” hand first. Sounds crazy, but check it out next time you do some sessions in the gym. You may find that you’ve created a habit.

Picking a locker with your “lucky number”

Some guys tend to go into a locker room and, if the locker isn’t assigned, throw their gym bag and equipment into “their” lucky locker. Certain lifters think by picking lucky locker number 7 before they actually get to hitting the weight that their training will end up being blessed with gains. Not true, but if it’s a habit then some guys will find that their mind muscle connection could be disrupted by breaking their routine.

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