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Is there any truth to the “roid rage” myth?

We’ve all heard the term used before. Since the first bodybuilder who went into a fit of rage and anger, steroids have been associated with violent explosions of emotions. There have been many athletes and competitors that have admitted to steroid use over the years and because of the negative stigma pushed by the social media it’s gotten a bad wrap. We’re not arguing whether or not the use of steroids is a good thing or not, but is the myth true?

Roid rage is constantly associated with bodybuilders. Why? It’s really all because of a few bad eggs. Those rages are often times fueled by preexisting psychological issues along with heavy substance abuse. What’s true is that steroid’s anabolic effect on the body mimics that of testosterone and human growth hormones that are naturally produced in the body. It’s also true that there is a link between testosterone and emotions.


If a person is naturally more angry or dealing with deep seeded personal issues, steroids could potentially exacerbate the situation. On the other hand, watching your favorite football team get crushed in the Super Bowl could make you just as angry. The common thread is that you may just have an anger problem. To put the blame solely on steroids is ultimately a cop out and doesn’t really solve the issue.

A study by Swedish researcher Lena Lundholm reveals that out of a study of 10,000 males, those convicted of violent crime were more likely to admit to steroid use. The research however reveals that those same individuals have had a history of substance abuse problems and that the polysubstance use may be much more responsible for the violent emotional outbursts than anything else.

Before blaming a bodybuilder’s use of steroids being the cause of “roid rage”, it’s best to have all the info before passing judgment. Sometimes an emotionally disturbed individual is likely to act out with or without drug use as a trigger. It’s best to have all the cards before playing the hand.

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