Laying Down The Law: 5 Rules For Fat Burning You Need To Follow


Heed and obey for a shredded physique.

When it comes to health and fitness there’s no topic that’s given more attention than burning fat. No matter your fitness level, burning fat is always at the top of anyone’s list of things to do and with good reason. Even if you have tremendous musculature you’d be hard pressed to prove it if you have a layer of blubber hiding all of that muscle.

The only way to reveal the shredded abs and powerful pectorals is by training to burn off all the excess fat. But what principles should you keep in mind if you mean to make consistent and steady progress? You want to burn the fat and keep it off as well. So here’s some great things to keep in mind on your fat burning journey.

1. Diet is Paramount

If you want to burn fat then the first thing you need to worry about is what you’re putting into your mouth. You have to have a balanced diet and one that’s going to work best with your body. Whether that means having balanced macronutrition or going on a ketogenic diet, you must choose a diet plan that’s going to optimize your performance as well as your body’s fat burning capabilities. Supplements can provide great boosts to any diet, including fat burners to shed that unwanted fat, or protein supplements to increase fullness.

2. Compound Movements are King

Training the correct way is also paramount to burning fat. You want to build strength as well as burn fat which means you better have the compound movements mastered. That means being well versed in the bench, squat and deadlift. These big three powerlifting exercises should be staples in any workout for they work multiple muscle groups and allow for a serious increase in strength and calorie burn.

3. Prioritize Building Muscle

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, then here’s your chance to be informed. You’re going to want to focus on building up your muscle. This all works in tandem with having a proper diet as well as training in a manner that promotes muscle building. Training for both strength and muscle growth are two important elements for burning stubborn fat. Adding drop sets to your workouts are a great way to target muscles deep within to really promote growth and adding a protein concentrate or isolate can really promote a great diet and muscle growth.

4. Choose The Correct Training Split

You can’t train the same body part day in and day out. You’ll have to switch things up depending on the day in order to burn fat throughout the body, but more importantly grow muscle in all the important muscle groups of the body. Training legs one day, arms another, and back in a systematic way will ensure that you’re building a well muscled and powerful physical frame. Knowing which muscle groups to pair together can really increase your chances of substantial growth.

5. Boost Your Metabolic Rate

Long sustained cardio used to be considered the trick to burning pesky fat, but newer studies have proven that the best way to raise your metabolic rate and burn fat through a 24 hour period is to perform interval training. This kind of training puts the body in an oxygen deficit and ensures that your body is burning calories, particularly fat, even after you’re done training. Try high-intensity interval training to save time in the gym and really feel a great burn.

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