This Is An Awesome Way To Increase Your Deadlift And Improve Your Form

Deadlift variation for max gains.

It’s hard to believe that Sadik Hadzovic has already become a true veteran in bodybuilding. It seemed like only yesterday that he was tearing things up in the men’s physique category until he made the decision to switch things up and move over to the classic Physique division. Now fully dedicated to his new division, Sadik Hadzovic is on a mission to further improve upon his physique, gaining size and muscle in the process. Usually that would mean relying on the classic big three lifts, the bench, the squat, and the deadlift. But sometimes you have to switch things up to keep your body growing as well as avoid suffering from too much boredom. This is something Sadik Hadzovic understands well.

Rather than focusing on the big lifts to put on size, particularly the deadlift, Sadik Hadzovic is using a very different approach to get the job done. This variation on the deadlift using BLANK is extremely helpful for a number of reasons. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at why Sadik Hadzovic has added this exercise to his repertoire.

What do you think of Sadik Hadzovic and this deadlift alternative?

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