Generation Iron Blast Your Biceps

Shape your arms with these awesome bicep exercises.

When it comes to building an aesthetic for the male form there’s no getting around the fact that the upper body is usually given this most attention. The chest, back, shoulders, triceps, abs, the upper body holds most of the body parts and muscle groups that men focus on in the gym. Chief among these muscle groups of the torso is undoubtedly the biceps.

Much like the chest and shoulders, your biceps are always visible whether it be in a long sleeved or sleeveless shirt. That alone makes them a necessity to build up if you’re looking to impress onlookers with your form. A man with great chest development, awesome triceps, boulder shoulders, but lackluster bicep definition, it can just throw everything off. So if you want your overall look to come together in a great package, then try these bicep building workouts.

Incline Dumbbell Curls

Generation Iron Incline Curls

The incline dumbbell curl may be one of the best curls to use for creating the desired muscle peak that every bodybuilder craves. The biceps are made up of long head and short head muscles. The incline curl activates the long head the most and since that muscle makes up a majority of the bicep it makes sense that it would be highly effective for bicep development. It’s definitely a must have in your routine.

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