Blessing Awodibu Sparks Rivalry With Nick Walker Heading Into Olympia: ‘I’m Going To Whoop Your Ass’

Nick Walker Blessing Awodibu Workout

The rivalry between Nick Walker and Blessing Awodibu is back and going to come to a head during the Olympia.

Blessing Awodibu is back and competing at a high level in 2022. After winning the New York Pro on Saturday, Awodibu sparked his rivalry with Nick Walker claiming that he is going to “whoop his ass” during the 2022 Olympia.

In 2021, Awodibu finished sixth at the New York Pro while Walker was crowned champion. This was one of two victories for Walker as he went onto win the Arnold Classic before a top-five finish at the Olympia. This is when Awodibu and Walker began a bit of a rivalry and it could come to a head once again at the Olympia.

Walker took the stage in street clothes on Saturday after Awodibu won the NY Pro title. The two exchanged some words and put on a show for the crowd in attendance.

“I messed up right. You said I was going to be back there watching your glutes. You know what I did, I was back there watching your glutes. Watching you take home that trophy and I promised myself, I would come down here and whoop some ass.”

“You did win New York last year but that was not in New York. That was in Tampa. That’s fair, right? that’s fact. I can gladly say now that the Boogeyman is the new king of New York. Hey, we’re going to the Olympia, right? You know what’s going to happen? I’m going to whoop your ass, Nick.”

The History of Blessing Awodibu and Nick Walker

Blessing Awodibu and Nick Walker are two great examples of the mass monsters that are now present in Men’s Open. Walker put together an extremely impressive rookie season and is now considered one of the best in the world. Awodibu is looking to get to that level and is off to a great start in 2022.

Awodibu has plenty of momentum after winning the Indy Pro and New York Pro in back-to-back weekends. This brings extra energy heading into the biggest competition of the year.

Nick Walker and Blessing Awodibu have since trained together so there is no real bad blood between the two. The rivalry comes from performances in previous shows and the fact that they are both huge athletes. Awodibu believes that with George Farah in his corner, they can put on a show during the Olympia.

“I’m going to say to you exactly what I said to you before we did New York. Have fun watching my ass from the sidelines,” Nick Walker said.

“Don’t worry. I got the guru with me. I got George Farah now. We can’t lose and all we do is win. I see you at the 2022 Olympia,” Awodibu responded.

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