Body Transformation Craze Sweeps Romanian Youth

An incredible body transformation.

Body image issues are traditionally thought of as a female problem, but men, especially adolescents, often feel they are not big enough and resort to aggressive weight training and extreme eating habits. These problems are not diagnosed like their reverses conditions such as anorexia, and are often considered a part of healthy development.
In Romania, a trend of young men seeking to enhance their bodies is going viral, many young persons are taking to youtube to discuss their transformations. He are the stories that four young men have shared with the world.

Emanuel Babic is an 18 years old. At the age of 16 he realized that a large part of his weak social standing in high school was due to his physical abilities and physique- or lack thereof. “I did not get any support. The only things I had were the motivation and the dream of having a shaped body.” He went to the gym and quit after three months of seeing no results, but a few months later returned when he realized that they gym at least offered him an outlet and a path.

“I’ve begun to give 110% and pick up more and more weight. We were eating more, practicing every day and testing my limits. We were becoming stronger and getting closer to my goal.” said Emanuel.

After two years of diligent exercise, and eating Emanuel Babic has made significant improvements, but says he is most proud of the transformation of his mind.

At age 13, Marius Oiaga , started training at age 13. He had a local gym and guidance from experienced lifters, but after six months, he was afraid that over time weights would make him too bulky and decided to dive into calisthenics. By age 16 he was spinning around the bars at every neighborhood playground he could visit, and had packed on way more muscle than his classmates. He decided to revert to weight training as well and sought expert advice on his diet. Now he is seeking a career in fitness.

Matthew Cioanca is a Romanina immigrant to Canada. He said he was so light in Middle School, he literally got blown over by the wind. Fortunately, he got taken under the wing of an older relative and began training, but after a year and a half, he had also accumulated a good amount of fat, so he switched his diet. “It does not matter if you are weak or fat, and you can do what I have done. That’s why we made this video to show that anyone can turn. They do not make me big, but I want to inspire other people to choose the way.”

Daniel Antony was having serious problems at school stemming from a lack of confidence. Work in the weight room helped give him a feeling of power and control that was unfamiliar, and he stayed consistent over adolescence. “The key to increasing your muscle mass naturally is consistency. You have to be conscientious and be patient with yourself, ” he said. According to Daniel, the best gift training gave him was the realization that he can accomplish anything with consistent action.