Brad Castleberry reflects on his business downfall and the “crying for days” that came afterwards.

Brad Castleberry’s bread and butter is his physique and social media presence. He’s used that to start business and get sponsorships that make up his career. But one of Castleberry’s ventures, Castleberry Nutrition, ended in failure. It started a long stretch of time that he considers the lowest point in his life. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Brad Castleberry details his business downfall and the hardships that came from it.

Starting a business is always a risk – but for those who have a family it becomes an even bigger risk. A failure will not only affect you but your spouse and children. This is exactly what ended up happening to Brad Castleberry and his company Castleberry Nutrition. His investors pulled out and suddenly Castleberry’s foundation was gone. He lost almost everything. It didn’t help, Castleberry admits, that he lived life a lavishly and didn’t save as much as he should have.

This started what Castleberry considers the lowest point in his life. The company went under just near Christmas, his kids didn’t get any gifts, and shortly after he had his possessions repossessed. Certain friends left him and even mocked him for his failure. He felt truly alone and admits to “crying for days.”

But then things got worse, just as he was starting to climb back up and find stability in his life, his Instagram account got hacked. This might seem like a smaller issue compared to a failing upstart business – but Castleberry relies on his social media for sponsorships. It’s a major way he makes money. Suddenly this was taken away and it took over six weeks to get solved. Castleberry was stripped of everything and forced to face himself honestly for the first time in his life.

It’s at this moment when things started to change for the better. He joined Bang Energy and started gaining stability again. He started thinking honestly about what makes him happy and changed his perspective on life. He cared less about spending his cash on lavish adventures and started to focus more on human connection. His family, his friends, the fans that support him. He started dedicating his life to spreading positivity to others.

Watch Brad Castleberry go into deep detail about his darkest days in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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