Breon Ansley Hits Quad Workout With Mike O’Hearn During Arnold Classic Prep

Breon Ansley focused on quads with the guidance of Mike O'Hearn.
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Mike O’Hearn joined Breon Ansley for a quad-focused leg day ahead of 2024 Arnold Classic.

Breon Ansley remains in the Classic Physique division and is preparing to compete in a show that he knows very well. Ansley will take part in the 2024 Arnold Classic and recently hit a quad-focused leg day with our very own Mike O’Hearn during his prep.

Ansley was crowned Arnold Classic champion in 2018 during his prime. Breon Aynsley recently shared a video of his latest leg day with a quad focus as he looks to get back into form and return to the top of a loaded Classic Physique division

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Breon Ansley & Mike O’Hearn Quad Workout

Leg Extension 

Breon Ansley kicked off the workout with a warmup of leg extensions. During the session, he focused on pressing movements to help develop his legs.

Machine Incline Hack Squat 

During this workout, Ansley focused on pressing movements and constant tension. He performed each rep with control. This includes three sets on the incline hack squat machine.

Ansley kept his feet close together to hit a different area of his quad. O’Hearn explained that this focuses on shredding the muscle rather than building strength.

“I like the feet lower. I like that. Absolutely not a power position. This is fine tuning those legs. You’re still moving weight though,” O’Hearn said.

“You make make 2-3 plates feel like 5-6. That’s a very compromising position,” Ansley said.

Machine Single-Leg Press 

This exercise can be done in different ways depending on where your foot is positioned. Ansley decided to train unilaterally on this machine as he focuses on balancing out the look of his legs.

“Everything is about control going down. If you didn’t notice, he’s on the control going down. He’s not in the extreme range of motion where the hamstring and glutes are going to come into play. It’s more focused on the quad.

When you talk about a larger range of motion, that’s hamstrings and glutes. That’s not what he’s hitting today.”

Machine Glute Bridge

Breon Ansley hit one more set of leg extensions before moving onto the final exercise of the day. The machine glue bridge was done by pausing at the bottom to put extra emphasis on the quads.

The 2024 Arnold Classic was about six weeks out from the time of the video. This is when Breon Ansley will focus on fine tuning his physique to get into full competition mode.

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