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CJ Cummings could be a future Olympic lifting champion.

Bodybuilding is all about putting up weights, having a strict diet, and remaining dedicated to your overall goal. When it comes to competitive bodybuilding, all of that is ramped up to the next level. Competitive weightlifting is an endeavor that’s pretty similar to bodybuilding as well. It requires a pretty high level of dedication as well, except the focus is on building strength rather than just building muscle.

One of the major differences between competitive bodybuilding and weightlifting events like Olympic Lifting is that one has a much longer road until true greatness can be attained. Bodybuilding is all about building up muscle maturity, constantly improving your body until you’re stage ready. But true achievement in bodybuilding can take a great deal of years until you’re able to compete on a professional stage. Until obtaining a pro card, most amateur bodybuilders are looked on as impressive prospects that could go far.


Olympic lifting in contrast can produce stars at almost any age. Since the sport is focused on building strength rather than building muscle, the focus is completely different. The time it takes for an individual to build some impressive strength can come about as early as their teen years while most bodybuilders don’t begin to make major development until they reach into their twenties.

For instance, take CJ Cummings, a fifteen year old Olympic lifter that looks to be on the road to greatness. The numbers he’s able to put up at his age are pretty rare and remarkable. Recently the teenage Olympic lifter had an impressive showing that proved that great strength can be attained even at an early age. Cummings is putting up numbers that are more impressive than many long time lifter’s personal bests. Take a look.

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