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A somehow overlooked giant.

When it comes to ranking bodybuilders, it’s always a pretty tough case. In a sport like bodybuilding, subjectivity is always going to be present. Not everyone is going to agree on who has the best physique – in part because many people have an idea of how they would like to look if they were the one on stage. Based on that, many will choose a particular bodybuilder and deem them as the most talented and aesthetic competitor. To someone else that very same competitor could be inferior to every other person on stage. It’s all a matter of opinion. That’s the point of multiple judges – to have a wide range of perspective when the final verdict is announced.

A bit backĀ at the Prague Pro we saw Dexter Jackson take home another big win, making him the winning-est bodybuilding champion of the year. Big Ramy was able to take second with a much improved form from the Olympia. Many people were shocked by the Egyptian bodybuilder’s placing as he was able to overcome standouts Shawn Rhoden and Dennis Wolf, two men that have been considered the best bodybuilders of this era behind Phil Heath and Kai Greene. But like we said, it’s a sport based a lot around opinion, so it comes as no surprise that the judges would change their tune from what they saw at the Olympia. Credit is also due to Big Ramy for making the improvements.


But there was another bodybuilder on stage that perhaps should have been given a great deal more accolades than what he received. That man is Alexander Fedorov.

A genetically talented and massive Russian bodybuilder, Fedorov came to prominence over ten years ago when he had some impressive showings against the likes of Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler. But just as suddenly as he’d appeared, Fedorov disappeared for a number of years. Since returning to action he has looked pretty damn impressive, despite a right pectoral tear that has thrown the symmetry off on his chest. Nevertheless, the man’s impressive size and definition is easily comparable to some of the men in the top ten rankings. Just take a look at this picture of Fedorov posing side by side with Big Ramy and try to argue that both aren’t in the same class.

Almost 600 lbs these 2 giants !

A photo posted by @luimarco on

Perhaps his prime is behind him, but do you think that Alexander Fedorov should be ranked higher than what he is? Let us know what you think in the comments and forums. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

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