Generation Iron Elbow Pain

There’s nothing worse then letting injuries get in the way of your gains.

It’s an inevitability when it comes to lifting weights. Eventually you’ll have a case of lifter’s elbow, which is pretty much a fancier way of saying elbow pain. It’s a nagging sort of pain, one that can end up making your workout feel like hell. It’s definitely something that can be a real annoyance when you’re trying to make you gains. There’s a solution to ridding yourself of the pain and quite possibly avoiding all together. Take a look at our list of solutions.

Lighten Up

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It may sound like sacrilege, but sometimes you have to put away the heavy weights and just lighten up the load. If you’re on a bulk it may be a bit of an issue because you’re trying to pack on muscle rather than drop the heavy stuff and just maintain, but sometimes you need to lower the amount of stress you put on your joints. Take a few plates off and avoid the extra punishment.

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