Iron Addict gym brings old school equipment to the new age.

HUNT FOR HARDCORE – is a digital series with host Rich Gaspari as he searches across the country in hopes to find the most hardcore gym in America. Visiting multiple cities across the United States, Rich takes viewers inside the world of the grittiest and most intense training facilities. Period. New episodes air every Thursday!

This week Rich Gaspari sticks to California to visit Iron Addicts gym – a location that is known for being one of the most hardcore gyms in the country. Does it live up to the hype? Rich is about to find out!

Originally launched by CT Fletcher in an attempt to create a space that matches the kind of gym he would want to workout in, Iron Addicts has the graffiti covered walls, grim, and old school equipment similar to look and feel as Metroflex gym. What sets it apart is bringing that old school feel to the new age.

Check out the latest episode of Hunt For Hardcore above as Rich takes a tour and tries out equipment as gym manager Rob Thomas shows him around.

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