Rich Gaspari is on the search for the most hardcore gym in America.

Welcome to Hunt For Hardcore – our new original digital series starring Rich Gaspari where he takes us on the ultimate hunt for the most hardcore gym in the country. Hitting up a different gym each episode – Rich meets with the owners, the trainers, and the clientele of each gym. Then he jumps into a workout with occasional pro bodybuilder guest stars.

This is the most comprehensive look into the beating heart of bodybuilding – the four walls that breed the bodybuilding champions who make the sport so special each and every year since it’s inception.

Exciting locations. Interesting people. And HARDCORE workouts make up for a can’t miss digital series that travels across the country for a bodybuilding adventure like no other. Check out the official trailer above!

Hunt For Hardcore premieres on March 7, 2019. Don’t miss it only on the Generation Iron Fitness Newtwork!


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