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315 lbs. 25 Reps. Infinite gains.

It’s pretty well established that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a true badass, a man who will go down as one of professional wrestling’s greats, an action movie icon, and a genuinely good dude all around. During his days in wrestling The Rock was definitely one of the most athletic guys on the roster. Having played football in his high school and college days, it was pretty apparent that as the wrestler turned actor entered the world of entertainment his athletic abilities would set him apart from other action stars of today. That being said, when The Rock was apart of the WWE roster he wasn’t nearly as shredded as he is today. He had an athletic frame but nothing that could even compare to that of an avid bodybuilder.

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It’s funny how things can change just given a little time. If you take a gander at Johnson these days you’ll see a man changed, someone who has completely turned things around and has obtained a heavily muscled and striated physique. His diet plan along with his trainer Hany Rambod have completely changed the former pro wrestlers body. It’s the hard work and dedication to perfecting his physical form that has inspired others and shown them the path to achieving physical greatness themselves.

Recently The Rock did a photo shoot with Muscle & Fitness for their December 2015 issue. In the video the actor showed off some impressive form with the barbell shrug, performing the movement for 3 sets and at 25 reps. Check out the inspirational video and quote.

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