Larry Wheels Details Steroid Cycle Ahead of Arnold Classic

Larry Wheels Gets Real About His Steroid Usage.

It’s no secret that performance enhancing drugs have long been a part of the bodybuilding and powerlifting scene. Competitors at the top levels do indeed take PEDs to maintain their physique, strength, and status. Many competitors have tried to keep that fact under the radar, but there are a few who are very open about their steroid use.

Enter Larry Wheels.

The bodybuilder and powerlifter has always impressed fans with his physique and strength. Larry is notorious for his heinous lifts, while maintaining an incredible amount of muscle and minimal bodyfat. Since Larry Wheels came out about his cycle, he has since backed off to just TRT for health reasons, this is as of 2022.

However, this article details Larry Wheels revealing his steroid cycle ahead of the 2020 Arnold Classic.

Larry Wheels has this to stay about his steroid use.

“As you guys know, I’m open about gear and stuff, I’ve come out with already,” Wheels said. “Usually I start about ten weeks out, leading up to the competition. But this time I realized it was jsut too early on, so now I’m bringing it down to six. Look, we all know that is a big part of competing at a world class level. We all take it, we all do it, it’s a big part of it.

“But when I would start too early, I would get to the competition and I’d feel burned out,” Wheels continued. “It would taper off, and my body would just feel exhausted, because it peaks, and then it drops. So this time, I’m starting six weeks out, only about a week ago, so my training numbers will be less. but it will peak, so when I get to the competition, I will feel stronger than I did in training.”

Larry Wheels x Generation Iron

Earlier this year, Larry Wheels met up with Generation Iron in New York City to discuss his powerlifting origins, Strength Wars, and his future plans for continuing to compete in bodybuilding. You can check that out below:


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