Larry Wheels Tests His Strength Only Using TRT and The Results Are Impressive

Larry Wheels tests his strength solely on TRT.

Popular strength athlete Larry Wheels has decided to see how strong he is while only utilizing TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). Always looking to experiment with his strength gains, Larry is using the next 12 weeks to do research on his max lifts without the use of steroids or other gear.

It appears that Larry Wheels is looking to test his strength. That may not sound all that shocking for those in the know about the popular powerlifter. But it appears that this time is a little different than the norm.

After stating that he was off steroids currently, Larry Wheels has become dedicated to pushing himself in a different manner. Now Larry Wheels is only lifting with the aid of TRT. With TRT fueling his current lifts, the popular athlete is looking to test if there is a major discrepancy in his strength.

From the sounds of things, its playing out as many would expect.

TRT Strength

While Larry Wheels has held onto his immense strength, cultivating through years of intense training, there was a bit of a drop off in his lifting numbers. That suggests that Larry’s steroid use indeed helped him lift bigger numbers, but that much of the strength cultivated was through plain old hard work.

In a recent YouTube video Larry Wheels talked about his plan for the next 12 weeks. According to the strength athlete he’s conducting a bit of an experiment on himself. Larry has decided to get an idea what his training max is without the aid of steroids.

“Today, I’m going to be testing what my training max is for the next 12 weeks,” said Larry Wheels. “So, as I mentioned in my previous video, I’m on 175 milligrams of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) per week and I want to see what I’m capable of prepping on this. That’s what we’re here to do today. I’ve already tested my deadlift, which is at 80 percent of my max. I did 660 [pounds] for three reps.

“I’m going to do the warmups and see how they feel. Work up to 75 or 80 percent. I’m assuming at this very moment — it is somewhere around 700ish, low 700s. So, I’ll be basing my 80 percent off of that. Then, I’ll be working with John Gaglione to build my training for the next 12 weeks. Really excited to see what I’m capable of on 175 a week on legit TRT doses.”

So according to Larry Wheels he’s been able to hold onto much of his strength in his deadlift. Putting up high 600s to low 700s pounds is nothing to scoff at. That shows that the strength athlete has held onto a considerable amount of his gains. But Larry didn’t just test out his deadlift. He also wanted to see where his squat and bench press numbers are at as well.

“The pump I got while I was full blast is night and day compared to the pump I get now [on TRT]. It’s hard to even call it a pump on TRT.”

Testing Strength on the Bench


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“This is my third week back squatting. During the prep for the big deadlift I did, there was no squats. After that, that got cut short after the back injury — no squats. So today is not the best representation of where my squat could be on TRT. I’m sure maybe it’s 550 or 600 [pounds] for three to five reps.”

It appears that when the dust settled, the powerlifter is still holding onto quite a bit of strength with his 175 milligram TRT regimen. Larry Wheels registered a massive 595.1lbs on the squat. After several different massive weights registered, Larry Wheels maxed out at 494.1lbs on the bench press.

To see the full video of his training click here.

What do you think of Larry Wheels and his latest strength experiment?

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