Larry Wheels Gives Up Steroids, Goes On Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Larry Wheels Stops Steroids

Larry Wheels announces that he has stopped using steroids after his recent back injury.

Larry Wheels has released a new YouTube video announcing that he has decided to stop using steroids. The announcement comes after news of Wheels suffering a back injury. Wheels is known by many to be one of the strongest men in the world with epic lifting videos never fail to motivate. He has also been very open about his steroid use in the past. Which is why he decided to be transparent about his decision to give up on steroids.

Earlier this summer, Larry Wheels set a goal to be the lightest person to deadlift 1,000 pounds. In his training towards that goal, he recent suffered a back injury. He admits that this injury was due to rushing the training process towards his goal. The injury has also led to Wheels withdrawing from the 2022 Middle East Strongest Man competition. The injury was an eye opener for Wheels about his personal health. The fallout from the injury and path to recovery became the biggest factor in Wheels deciding to quit steroid use.

You can watch Larry Wheel’s video where he makes the announcement below:

In the announcement video, Larry Wheels reflects on having used steroids for over a decade. And how his consistent use of PEDs has made it impossible for him to know what kind of lifting he is capable of off-cycle.

“Much like you don’t know, I don’t know what I am capable of off-cycle. Now, going completely off isn’t an option for me. I cannot produce testosterone naturally. So, I am going to be on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). I tried pull cycle therapy several times when I began cycling and I was unable to recover.”

Larry Wheels mentions a big caveat here. He cannot completely go off of steroid use – because his body is no longer capable of producing testosterone naturally. This is a well known side effect from prolonged steroid use. So when Larry Wheels says he is quitting steroids – he is still going to be implementing testosterone into his system via TRT.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a very different “cycle” compared to traditional steroid use as we know it in bodybuilding. TRT is a medical approach to simply bringing testosterone levels to normal – since the body cannot do this on its own anymore. So while Larry Wheels will be using testosterone drugs – it will only be to bring him to a “natural” state.

Larry Wheels continues to explain the process:

“TRT for me would be anywhere from as low as 70 milligrams per week, as high as 175… I think 175 is a good place for me to start. If I speak with my doctor and we get my bloods done and we see that it’s more than what’s necessary then I will decrease it, but I certainly won’t increase it.”

That last comment in the quote above is a key statement. Larry Wheels wants to keep his testosterone levels as minimal as possible while still staying in normal levels. He does not want to abuse TRT to bring his testosterone to more enhanced levels. After some initial bloodwork – Larry Wheels will lower his t-levels as far as he can while staying healthy.


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So what does this mean for Larry Wheels’ 1,000 pound deadlift?

Now that Larry Wheels has realigned how he wants to handle his health – will he still be aiming for a 1,000 pound deadlift? The short answer is yes but not anytime soon. Wheels comments that the deadlift goal will always be a passion of his. But he also knows that there is no way he would be able to accomplish the feat without using steroids in his current transition.

It was seem, in fact, that Larry Wheels isn’t planning to stay steroid free forever. He hints at the notion of returning to steroid use after stabilizing his body, learning his off-cycle limits, and solidifying his overall health.

“I am not calling quits on it, but I am putting the brakes on attempting PRs like that at the moment”

Despite this hint, Larry Wheels seems to have no plans to switch back to steroid use anytime in the near future. After rushing over the past year and leading into injury, Wheels is ready to take it slow. He wants to focus on training, diet, and recovery off-cycle. Learn his new limits, learn where he can push the. And improve his overall health before taking any unnecessary risks.

The Strength Wars star promises that his new regimen will also be the subject to new videos and updates on social media. So that his fans can get an insider look into transitioning away from steroids and onto TRT. Wheels expects to take on new training regimens to best align with his new lifestyle. It will be interesting to follow along as he remains transparent with his life both on and off steroids.

Only time will tell if he maintains this longterm goal. But much like many of his impressive lifts over the years, there’s no challenge that Larry Wheels gives up on. This new challenge may be different from his past endeavors – but it will be exciting and motivating to watch him face a new kind of challenge.

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