Larry Wheels Discusses “Healthier Approach” To PEDs: ‘I’m Trying My Best To Send The Right Message To Those Using’

Larry Wheels Healthier PEDs

Larry Wheels believes a five-day blast is a healthier alternative to a full cycle.

The recent string of deaths in bodybuilding has opened the eyes of many in strength sports. This includes Larry Wheels, who is one of the most popular powerlifters in the game. He has been extremely open about his PED use and what can be done to make it better. Recently, Larry Wheels discussed an alternative to an 8-12 week cycle.

Wheels is know for his incredible feats of strength on social media. He is often seen setting a massive PR or repping a ton of weight in different exercises. He has dabbled in arm wrestling as well but is back to training as a powerlifter. Wheels is set to appear in the Middle East’s Strongest Man competition this year.

Wheels recently decided to get checked out by a doctor because of his steroid use over the last decade. At 27 years old, Wheels wanted to get ahead of any damage that these substances might have caused. Thankfully, the doctors did not find any reason for concern. Wheels continues to discuss alternatives for those who are already using PEDs.

Larry Wheels: ‘If You Do Not Already Use PEDs, Please Do Not’

Over the course of his career, Larry Wheels has used 8-12 week cycles. This allows him to compound different substances and let them do what they are supposed to. Instead, he believes the same can be done with a five-day blast and it might be healthier.

“There’s a couple specifically for strength that work extremely well and most people in the strength world use it as a bread and butter. I use those compounds for usually eight to 12 weeks. So, the first two weeks are okay but each week that you’re on, you’re body is enduring more and more stress. Side effects become increasingly more unbearable, and especially the most effective ones, the most effective steroids from gaining strength unfortunately come with the most potent side effects.

Wheels did not always believe in this process over the course of his career. It was suggested by a coach and when he realized the results, Wheels decided that this could be an alternative.

When my coach told me you could reach your all-time best in five days as opposed to the usual 8-12 weeks that I would use these compounds for, you can imagine I was a bit skeptical. But I took his word for it and did the entire eight week prep, for this 422-kilogram deadlift for a triple, which meant to only be two reps by the way.”

Larry Wheels has been on different substances for over a decade to put on size and gain strength in the gym. He also shared a message for those who have not started to cycle yet.

To keep things more vague and trying my best to send the right message to those who are already using PEDs, not those who are natural and considering it. I’m trying to encourage a healthier approach to using PEDs for those who already do. Guys if you don’t already use PEDs please do not, you don’t need PEDs to get stronger.”

Wheels Believes In New Process, Believes He Knew It Sooner

“I wish I knew I could do it this way a decade ago. It’s a bit bittersweet that I’m only learning this now ten years after the fact of hitting my PRs and still making progress and having a successful lifting journey, but doing it in a much more unhealthy way compared to how I just did it over the last couple of months.” 

Larry Wheels is now using this system primarily. Despite wishing he knew it a bit sooner, there is still a chance to implement and make it better. It does not seem as though the powerlifter will be off it anytime soon.

“There’s no temptation to go off program because the entire cycle, you’re not on these very potent compounds. You’re just on testosterone. You know if you just went off the program, and lifted for ego or social media, it’s not going to come out of your ass.”

Larry Wheels might not be a bodybuilder but he certainly has the physique for it. Despite his area of expertise, Wheels’ eyes were open by the recent string of deaths in bodybuilding. Now, he is discussing different ways to make it a safer environment.

Greg Patuto
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