Larry Wheels Shares Update On Heart Health After ‘Abusing PEDs For 10 Years Straight’

Larry Wheels

Larry Wheels recently shared his results from a trip to the doctor checking his major organs.

Larry Wheels is one of the most popular powerlifting personalities there is now. He has built an enormous following on social media with fans wanting to see his feats of strength including big weight for high reps. Recently, Wheels admitted to being concerned about his use of PEDs and shared an update on his health following a trip to the doctors.

At 27 years old, Wheels admitted that he has been using PEDs for 10 years now. In light of the recent string of deaths in bodybuilding, Wheels decided to get checked out to make sure his major organs were in good health. Cedric McMillan recently passed away. This was a shock coming after the devastating losses of Shawn Rhoden and George Peterson last year.

Wheels shared a video to YouTube to detail his own health but to also speak to other PED users out there.

“With recent events in the fitness industry – bodybuilders dropping dead to the heart attacks – it has left many of us concerned with our health. I’m talking about those of us who abuse PEDs and I have been abusing them for ten years straight now,” Larry Wheels said.

Since he was 17 years old, Larry Wheels had been using steroids to build the elite physique and strength that he has today. Wheels decided to finally get checked out after putting it off for quite some time.

At the doctors, Wheels went though an Electrocardiogram on a treadmill and Echocardiogram test. These are tests to identify different abnormalities such as irregular heartbeats, high heart rates, or blockages in arteries. Much to his delight, all tests on Wheels came back normal for his age.

“All of that checked out okay. I am shocked. I can’t believe myself after ten years of, well I guess not abusing as much as I thought I was, PEDs, my heart is, from what the doctor said, a perfectly normal healthy heart for a young man of my age.”

The doctors did reveal to Larry Wheels that his cardiac muscles were thicker than the average individual but this could be from his level of intense activity. An athlete’s heart goes through physiological changes during this activity.

Wheels continued in the video to speak on the deaths in bodybuilding and explained that this is the reason he went to the doctors. He ended his discussion with a call to action to other PED users and those individuals in bodybuilding and strength sports.

“This is a message for all those out there who might be using PEDs and who decided not to get checked up. You may not be as lucky as me. The problem is that if you wait too long and you have the symptoms, you have the pain in your chest or you have irregular heart rate then maybe too late.”

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