Larry Wheels Shares Deadlift Workout Featuring Different Variations

Larry Wheels continues to train for his appearance during the Middle East’s Strongest Man Competition.

Larry Wheels has gained major popularity as a powerlifter because of his incredible feats of strength shared on social media. This time around, Wheels is preparing to take the stage and did so with a huge deadlift workout sharing some of his favorite variation. 

Wheels will compete in the Middle East’s Strongest Man competition and this is one of the reasons he went back to the beginning when looking at deadlifts. He took to YouTube to share his most recent workout.

“For the longest time since I have been a hardcore powerlifter, I have not done any deficit pulls or any block pulls, any speed pulls. These are the building blocks of a huge deadlift,” Wheels said.

Larry Wheels took it back to the beginning when it comes to deadlifts. Below, you can find his workout plan that he used to work on areas of the deadlift.

Larry Wheels Deadlift Workout

Block Pulls

Wheels began this workout with block pulls using explosive motions to get the weight in the air. While performing these reps, Wheels kept his arms long in order to reduce the range of motion. He began with warmup sets before moving toward nine working sets.

During warmups, Wheels ranged from 135 pounds to 365 pounds. During his nine working sets, Wheels kept 405 pounds on the bar and banged out eight reps per set. 

“What do you think will be more effective for building strength? Me hitting 700 pounds for three to five reps for one set or hitting 72 reps with 405 pounds over nine sets. So this is why working with lighter weight, high volume is so effective. You can not get that kind of volume with 80-90 percent of your max for one set,” Wheels said.

Below, you can find how Wheels navigated his sets during block pulls:


  • 5 reps of 135lbs
  • 4 reps of 185lbs
  • 2 reps of 225lbs
  • 1 rep of 275lbs
  • 1 rep of 315 lbs
  • 1 rep of 365lbs


9 sets of 8 reps of 405 pounds

Deficit Pulls

Larry Wheels then moved onto deficit pulls, which is a different variation because Wheels is on a two-inch thick pad, not the weight itself. He began by completing five sets of eight reps with 405 pounds. After the block pulls, Wheels did not take as much of a warmup and was able to jump right into working sets.

“When you’re starting from roughly an inch or an inch and a half lower than you would in a block pull. So when you pull from the floor, you’ll find it easier. You’ll find more confidence, more explosively from deficit pulls,” Wheels said.

High-Volume Training

Larry Wheels continued his workout with three different movements that showed high-volume strategy. He moved onto leg presses following his two different deadlift variations. Next, Wheels took on some grip-strength training. He began with a 2.5 certified captain of crush grippers. He moved onto 3 calibre gripper before taking a shot at 3.5, which he was unable to crush.

The final workout of the day was box jumps. This was completed in a few sets before taking on an arm wrestling match to end the video. 

Larry Wheels continues to be one of the most-exciting powerlifters and has an excellent presence on social media. When he releases a workout, it is something that will have to be taken seriously and is a great way for lifters to find new ways to train.

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