How To Increase Testosterone Naturally For Explosive Gains


Boost those T levels naturally and see great gains!

When it comes to building quality muscle, the devil’s in the details. So many people focus simply on lifting heavy weight as if that was the only ingredient needed to attain bodybuilding greatness. Sure, it’s an important component and has a ton of different benefits, but it shouldn’t be your sole focus in building up your physique.

Nutrition is also an important factor to be on top of, but even more than that the production of testosterone is important to excel and grow muscle. A lot of newbies and even some experienced lifters think the only way you’re going to up your testosterone fast is to take steroids. But rather than take the needle or load up on pills, here are some simple things to keep in mind in order to produce more testosterone.

Building testosterone naturally is not only an effective way to see gains, but also a safe way. Using PEDs and other drugs to artificially enhance a natural process can lead to poor health and can put you in danger. Knowing what to look for and how best to increase testosterone naturally can go a long way especially as you look to see explosive gains.


Why Testosterone Matters

Testosterone matters because this is a vital sex hormone when it comes to men and their bodily functions. Increasing testosterone can lead to better body composition, more energy, increased bone density, enhanced sex drive, and improvement in cognitive function. What you will find is that your muscle development and overall strength gains will also improve and that can lead to better gains, even as you age.

Testosterone matters because it affects you and your daily functioning in a number of ways and without really taking testosterone seriously, you will ultimately hurt your overall growth and development.


Top Ways To Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

Let’s take a look at some of the top ways to increase your testosterone naturally so you see the best gains. With the right approach and at least knowing what to look for in terms of increasing testosterone and those vital T levels, it can go a long way in your desired goals for muscle growth and overall gains.

1. Reduce estrogen levels with fiber

If you want to produce more testosterone then obviously you’re going to want to lower the other hormone that hampers it’s production: estrogen. Lowering estrogen levels are a major ingredient to increasing testosterone. Increased estrogen can make you weak and keep body fat on your physique.

One great and easy way to lower estrogen is by consuming foods high in fiber such as beans and vegetables. By doing so the body can flush out estrogen producing agents leaving room for testosterone to increase (1).

2. Get rid of body fat with HIIT cardio

Having excess body fat means your body is holding onto more estrogen. As such, diet is going to be the first line of defense. After that, exercise is going to be required. Besides lifting heavy weight which naturally produces testosterone, doing HIIT cardio is going to do a number of things for your physique. For one it’s going to eat away at body fat. It’s also going to increase testosterone by putting the body under stress which is a natural reaction to pushing yourself hard (2).

3. Eat healthy fats

Another great way to increase testosterone with nutrition is by eating healthy fats. A huge mistake that many people seem to make is restricting their fat intake. While this may be great in terms of consuming certain saturated fats, avoiding unsaturated healthy fats can spell your doom. Foods with healthy fats are loaded with testosterone producing ingredients that can make growing muscle a breeze. Try eating avocados, nuts, and salmon to get a great boost in testosterone.

4. Consume more zinc

Last, and perhaps the most under utilized method of increasing testosterone in the body naturally is by consuming zinc. Whether it’s through foods like oysters or a supplement of some kind, getting zinc into your body will ensure the production of testosterone. To go more in depth, zinc helps your body stop converting muscle building testosterone into estrogen, a common issue with men of a more advanced age. Keep your zinc levels up and watch your body turn from soft and weak to hard and strong (3).


5. Get The Right Strength Training Workouts

Focusing on the right strength training workouts can also increase testosterone naturally. Great strength training exercises to focus on are the squat, deadlift, bench press, push-up, and pressing movements, all of which use multiple muscle groups, increase strength, and require power to perform. With the right approach to this you can see great gains to your physique and also your desire to increase testosterone naturally.

6. Consider Supplements

Supplements are always helpful if they come from a reputable company. Being able to have a product that can work for your benefit while also being clean and effective is your number one priority. And with companies now knowing that people are only looking for the best, it is absolutely possible.

A testosterone booster is a common supplement to take that can work to increase your T levels while providing for the benefits of optimal testosterone levels. Since this is affecting your health and performance, it is important the ingredients are effective, but also sourced in a natural way.

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Wrap Up

Increasing testosterone naturally is important and you shouldn’t use PEDs and other drugs to do so. Having negative effects on your health can hurt you in the long run and you should absolutely not put yourself at risk when it can be done naturally. Knowing the best ways to go about this can put you at an advantage when looking to make this happen and with the right process in mind, you can take your health and performance as seriously as possible.

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Jacob Ladon is a staff writer and former amateur bodybuilder. He has been passionate about bodybuilding since he was 15 years old and discovered the joys of training in the gym. He reports and comments on all bodybuilding related matters.