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Show me a man’s habits and I’ll show you who he is. A common theory that few people put into practice. Anyone who has ever gone for a goal in life knows that goal setting is an important step in achieving what you want. The part that’s not as glamorous is the daily trudge. It’s the monotonous steps bodybuilders take day in and day out to make them just a little bit better than the day before. It’s a game of inches and we’re going to show you how to play.

While everybody has their routines we’re interested in what works and the types of things that champions do. We’ve comprised a list of 6 habits you should engrave into your brain and physiology in order to achieve with the champions, to eat with the Gods. Pay attention and take notes.


Any amateur can start a gym membership, workout routine, or sleep and eat right for a week or two. The thing that separates the lifters that really want it from the herd is the focus to do these things on a regular basis until they become HABIT! The number one way to make something into a habit is to be consistent. It’s easy to get your ass into the gym… what’s harder is to do it every day, workout just as hard (or harder) every day, and never lose steam.


That’s right, real lifters men (or champions in this case) use a journal. By journaling you can see what you did right, what you did wrong, and how you can improve on it tomorrow. It’s a systematic way to track your progress and assess where you’re at. When you have a correct view of where you are then you can take correct steps to where you want to go. Of course, in these modern times there are also tons of apps you can download to help use as a sort of journal to manage your goals. For example – you can keep track of your macros with something out like My Fitness Pal.

Pre-Workouts Vs. Fat Burners

Put The Big Rocks in First

Are you doing a whole bunch of machines or bicep work when you know that you need to max out clean and jerk in order to improve your strength and movement? Then you’re putting in the sand before the big rocks. The big rocks are the things that make us scared and anxious.

They’re usually the hardest and stressful things that will push us to our limit but will also give us the biggest push in the direct we want to be. Time is our most precious commodity, put the big rocks first and then the small rocks (i.e. making phone calls to sponsors, running errands, etc.) will slip in around them. If you do it the other way around you’ll find you spent the whole day doing busy work while nothing actually got done.

Work on your rest

In such a busy day and age this component of bodybuilding often gets overlooked the most. While the lifting is taken seriously by most bodybuilders, rest and the self care component is often seen as optional, not taking into account this is like the negative side of rep for your whole body. Things like getting massages, hanging with family and friends, meditating, or just watching TV is JUST as important as lifting weights if you want to reach your full potential.


Successful lifters are always looking for new and innovative ways to build on their routines. They try alternate exercises such as yoga, or resistance circuits to hybrid there workouts – whatever it takes to give them the edge. This is especially relevant when you’re stuck in a rut or have reached a plateau. So go ahead, take that MMA class.

(ABL) Always be learning

Tying in with “synergizing” is the habit of always looking to learn something new. Successful lifters always seek to understand before being understood. They take new information, weigh it, and think about how they could incorporate this into their current program. It’s not good enough to know – information is always changing – you have to expand and evolve with the changing times. If you don’t evolve then your physique won’t either.

What do you think of our 6 things successful bodybuilders do every day? Have you found these have worked in the pass or have we touch on something new? Hit us up with your opinions below in the comment section.

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