Living On The Edge: Why The Straight Arm Pullover Will Set Your Chest And Back Apart

Simple, but effective.

In the age of information, we have a lot to shift through. From google chrome, to iphone’s, to smart watches, most people in western civilization have more knowledge at their fingertips than all of our ancient ancestors combined. With that being said, there’s also a point of diminishing returns. A point where information can be a hindrance instead of a help, a point where too much information can actually trip you up.

When this happens, you have to go back to the basics, and sometimes the edge of flat bench is where it’s at.

The exercise we’re talking about today is the straight arm pullover. An oldie but a goodie, this exercise can help create a massive back and chest as well as being performed with minimal equipment.


To perform this exercise you’ll need some moderately heavy dumbbells and a flat bench. Going too heavy could potentially tear your rotator cuff so you don’t want to go crazy at the start.

Start by placing your dumbbell next to you on a flat bench. Then lay horizontal across the bench forming a small “t” against it. Keep feet about shoulder width apart or slightly wider and make sure only your upper back is touching the bench. Roll over and grab the dumbbell choking up on it almost as if you were throwing a two handed pass. Release the weight down behind your head as low as possible before bringing it back up to your chest.

-Be sure to pause and squeeze at the top of the motion to really bring mind muscle connection to your chest.

-keep wrist straight.

-Adjust the positioning to concentrate or go easy on certain muscle groups.

Straight-arm dumbbell pullovers work your lats, pecs, and abs. They also hit other small muscles like the serratus anterior muscles, which all tie together to give a great physique. Add in the core work and thoracic spine mobility and this exercise is a one man band to swole city.

Hit us up in the comments section and let us know what you think about the classic straight arm pullover.

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