After New Twitter Feud, Jake Paul Thinks Antonio Brown Would Get Beat By Logan Paul

Jake Paul thinks that Antonio Brown would “get his ass whooped” by Logan Paul.

It all started with a simple Tweet from former Patriots receiver Antonio Brown directed at Logan Paul. It was short and sweet and to the point. It simply said – “square up.” Logan responded back stating, “i’d drop you faster than the patriots” and suddenly fans started a whirlwind of speculation about a potential boxing match.


Now things seem to be escalating further with Logan Paul’s younger brother, Jake, chiming in with his response to the Twitter feud. He believes Logan Paul can defeat Antonio Brown in a boxing match.

“I think it makes sense for Antonio Brown. He’s in a place right now where he probably needs some money, probably needs something to keep him going and keep him motivated,” Jake told The New York Post. “I think Antonio Brown would get his ass whooped and get dropped faster than he got dropped from the Patriots,” Jake added.

Antonio Brown was released by the Patriots in September after only one game following accusations of sexual assault by his former trainer Britney Taylor.

Setting up a boxing match like this wouldn’t be out of place for Logan Paul, who previuosly fought British YouTuber KSI. You can check out our pre-fight interview with Logan Paul right here.

Will there be an Antonio Brown vs Logan Paul match up? Only time will tell – so stay tuned to Generation Iron for updates as they become available.

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