Logan Paul discusses the slap fight controversy and how dropping out was the best decision he has ever made.

Logan Paul has had various connections and intersections with fitness and combat sports of the past years and most recently he is making headlines by prepping for a super influencer boxing match between himself and KSI. A rematch after their previous boxing match one year ago. As Logan has been making rounds doing press for the fight on November 9th, we had an opportunity to sit down with Logan and discuss his brief existence in the world of slap fight contests. One that was controversially cut off short after a dangerous accident during training.

In the summer of 2019, Generation Iron Network began planning an official slap fight contest that was to include Logan Paul going against one of the biggest and most powerful slap fight contestants currently active – known as Dumpling. But before we could see these two super stars face off, Logan got cold feet and backed out of the competition. Why? During a training session, Logan Paul slapped someone so hard they needed to go to the hospital. That opened his eyes and he dropped out to protect his health.

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Controversy ensued such as claims that the training video was fake and the person who got slapped and knocked out was paid to pretend he was seriously injured just so that Logan Paul had an excuse to drop out of the competition. Logan has consistently denied these claims.

Now several months after the controversy, Logan Paul sits down with Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin to reflect on the slap fight incident and how it affected his life and career moving forward. Now more than ever, Logan feels confident he made the correct choice and actually thinks it was the smarted decision he has made in his career as an entertainment personality and social media influencer. Find out why in this GI Exclusive interview above!

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