Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin and producer Edwin Mejia appear in detailed account of Logan Paul’s rise and fall in the world of slap fighting.

Earlier this year, Logan Paul announced he would participate in the Russian slap fighting competition – an underground event that went viral due to a video featuring the ongoing champion, Dumpling, and his massive size and even more massive slaps.

The hype was real – and many were excited to see what Logan Paul could do (or to see Logan Paul get the crap slapped out of him). But the hype was quickly extinguished when Logan later announced he would step down from competing just a few days before the actual competition.

He originally claimed this was due to an incident during training that opened his eyes to the dangers of the sport. Later a video was released that appeared to be the moment in question, a slap that made a man instantly faint and possibly need medical attention.

Now Logan Paul has released an in depth online 20+ minute video showing a behind the scenes account of his entire involvement, preparation, and eventual abandonment of competing at the Russian slap fighting contest.

Generation Iron’s very own Vlad Yudin and Edwin appear in the first half showcasing setting up the entire event with Logan. It also chronicles the training incident that made him quit and the aftermath in making that decision.

You can check out the full video above!

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