Maxx Charles Opens Up About His Struggle To Eat Enough Food To Build More Size

Maxx Charles on his diet: “I have a hard time cheating when I’m supposed to be cheating.”

One of the most important parts of being a successful bodybuilder is a strict and focused diet. For Men’s Open competitors, that also means consuming enough calories to build massive muscle. Some bodybuilders, such as Jay Cutler, have called it force feeding. This poses a unique problem for pro bodybuilder Maxx Charles. He has a weak appetite and often finds it hard to eat enough food required for mass monster size. Yet somehow, he’s build himself up to a competitive frame. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Maxx Charles details his struggles with eating food on a mass monster level.

The pro Men’s Open bodybuilders that you see on stage at the Olympia all weight in at over 200 pounds of muscle. To achieve this, they need to eat a lot more food than the average person. That being said, they still need to make sure that mass amount of food is clean to prevent it all from turning into fat.

Maxx Charles faces a rare problem that you don’t hear about from many bodybuilders. Charles has a weak appetite and finds it hard to eat even more than one meal a day. This has created a struggle for him throughout his career to build enough mass necessary to be competitive against his peers. Over time, Maxx Charles has found a way to make it work for him – as we’ve all seen his mass monster size on stage.

Yet that doesn’t mean Maxx Charles’ struggles with food have ended. During our interview, he admits to having to eat solely liquid egg whites for every single meal in his final weeks of bodybuilding prep. The reason? He can’t bring himself to eat enough protein for his physique.

While Maxx Charles has been able to force his way into a massive physique, he also admits that he would most likely be able to grow even more impressively huge if he were able to eat more. He gleans at the possibility of an alternate version fo his physique – one that is leveled up due to consuming more meals.

As to why he’s unable to build up an appetite? Maxx Charles is not sure. He theorizes that perhaps it’s due to his background. Being born in Haiti, his heritage is used to surviving on little food. Perhaps genetically his body has adapted to not needing higher amounts of food.

Regardless, Maxx Charles is still dedicated to finding a way to improve his diet to grow even more and improve his physique further. Charles is already a promising athlete with some strong placings under his belt. While it’s interesting to hear a bodybuilder open up about his diet in this way – we hope to see him further succeed in the future.

You can watch Maxx Charles’ full comments about his relationship with food in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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