Jay Cutler believes that force feeding for mass is more dangerous than steroid use in the sport.


Jay Cutler is one of the few legendary pro bodybuilders who trimmed down a good amount after retiring from the sport. Make no mistake, Cutler is still in shape and sports an impressive physique but his mass is nowhere near the levels he had as an Olympia champion. Is this because he believes the bodybuilding lifestyle to be unhealthy? In our latest GI Exclusive Vault interview, Jay Cutler explains why overeating, not steroids, is the most dangerous part of bodybuilding.

As we continue to dig through our extended interviews from our film shoots – we’re finding more and more nuggets of information from the biggest bodybuilders in the sport. We’ve pulled another segment from the cutting room floor of Generation Iron 3 featuring Jay Cutler.

Specifically, it’s a segment about the health of bodybuilding. It’s been over two years since this interview, and the argument about health in pro bodybuilding has not slowed down. What does a former 4x Olympia champion think about the health behind the sport?

Jay Cutler doesn’t think that pro bodybuilding is inherently unhealthy, at least no more than most people living their regular life. Drinking alcohol every weekend can be unhealthy. Cigarettes can be unhealthy. The truth is in life most people live with a certain level of unhealthy habits.

The same holds true for bodybuilding, though Jay Cutler is noticing some troubling trends in the more modern era. Specifically, Cutler believes bodybuilders are force feeding themselves too much protein in order to chase mass monster size. Combine this with bodybuilders competing at older ages and you have a recipe for future health problems.

Moreover, Jay Cutler believes that overeating is actually the unhealthiest aspect of pro bodybuilding. While steroids and supplements are substances that go into your body and can have an effect on your health – the food bodybuilders eat on a daily basis is also a main component of how your body maintains itself.

The human body is not meant to consume the mass amounts of food that pro bodybuilders eat on a daily basis. Most bodybuilders don’t even have an appetite for that much food. They have to literally force feed themselves in an effort to build bigger and bigger mass.

Jay Cutler uses his own career as an example of how to avoid long term health issues. Unlike many pro bodybuilders, Cutler didn’t force feed himself protein. He also didn’t lift hardcore heavy weights. Instead he focused on volume and focused on eating healthy over stuffing his face for more mass.

He attributes this to his good health today. Now he’s able to train intensely in the gym without joint problems or heart problems. He feels spry and healthy. While Cutler’s personal experience isn’t a scientific proof – he does believe it’s indicative of how to be a successful pro bodybuilder without sacrificing your health.

You can check out Jay Cutler’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive Vault interview segment above.

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