Michal Krizo Aiming For Top 10 At Olympia, Shares Recent Physique Update During Posing


Michal Krizo hopes to finish in the Top 10 at the 2022 Olympia, if he is able to qualify.

Michal Krizo has not earned his Pro Card just yet but already has aspirations of his first Olympia competition, which he hopes will be in 2022. During a recent Q&A session, Krizo shared that he would like to finish in the Top 10 this year before moving into the Top 6 of the competition next year.

Krizo made the jump from the IFBB Elite Pro League to NPC in hopes of earning his Pro Card. He will compete at the Olympia Amateur and hopes to become an IFBB pro following the competition. From there, Krizo will compete at the EVLS Prague Pro, and potentially in Romania if he does not win in Prague.

Despite the fact that he has not earned his Pro Card yet, there are many who believe Krizo will be dangerous. Both Milos Sarcev and Jay Cutler have had the chance to see Krizo in person and believe his physique is ready to make some noise at the next level.

Michal Krizo Shares Hopes For Olympia, Physique Update

Michal Krizo is preparing to take the stage in four weeks but it is clear that he has his eyes on December. During a recent interview, Krizo shared that he is not expecting anything but if he qualifies, he wants to be one of the Top 10.

“I don’t expect anything but if I qualify this year, I would like to place in the top 10. And next year, at least in the top six,” Krizo said.

Krizo has been hard at work in the gym and recently shared a physique update as well. He posted a posing routine to his YouTube page, showing off his muscles in different ways.

“We don’t talk weaknesses. Exactly. I have no weaknesses. You can’t talk about that otherwise people will focus attention to it.”

Michal Krizo is one of the fastest rising stars in bodybuilding. When he is able to earn his Pro Card, there will be immediate hype on the Olympia stage. Both Krizo and all of his fans are hoping that this can happen right away in 2022.

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