Nick Walker’s Leg Day Training to Prep for 2024 New York Pro

Nick Walker's leg training
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Nick Walker returns to leg training after an injury that took him out of the 2023 Olympia. 

Some lifters may cringe at the thought of leg day, but the benefits are undeniable. Embracing leg training boosts your mobility and strength for heavier lifts and minimizes the risk of injuries. Today, we’re delving into Nick Walker’s journey with leg day workouts and his preparations for the 2024 New York Pro. A seasoned professional bodybuilder excelling in the Men’s Open category on a global scale, Walker, at the age of 30, already holds titles such as the New York Pro and Arnold Classic.

Full Name: Nick Walker
Weight Height Date of Birth
270 – 295 lbs 5’7” 08/03/1994
Division Era Nationality
Men’s Open 2020s–Till date American

After recovering from a hamstring injury that sidelined him from the 2023 Olympia, Nick dedicated himself to rigorous gym sessions. While he’s yet to secure a spot in the 2024 Olympia, he revealed plans to return at the 2024 New York Pro. A victory in this event would guarantee his participation in the Olympia. 

In a recent YouTube upload, Walker showcases his intense leg workouts in preparation. Here’s a breakdown of his exercises and techniques to boost strength and muscle growth. Watch below: 

Nick Walker’s Leg Day Exercises

Exercises Sets Reps
Machine Leg Extensions 3 10-12
Leg Presses 4 6-10
Hack Squats 2 10-12
Lying Leg Curls 3 15-20
Seated Leg Curls 2 10
Machine Hip Adductions 2 5-10
Bulgarian Split Squats 1 14

Machine Leg Extensions

Walker shares that they have a lot of Panatta equipment at this gym. He appreciates the smoothness of the Panatta leg extension machine and rates it a 9.2 out of 10. Walker then does specific warm-ups with the machine leg extensions before moving to his working sets and reps. This study shows that using specific warmups helps to improve muscle performance during training (1).

Leg Presses

Next, Nick Walker loads some weights onto the leg press and integrates rest-pauses. After finishing his reps and sets on the leg press, he says:

“So, with the rest-pause, I got about 20 reps then I took about a 45-second rest. Just to really get a little more out of it. I just pumped as many as I can out, just to maximize more blood flow in the legs. We got 15 there. That’s good for me.”

Hack Squats

Nick Walker does multiple reps on the hack squat and incorporates rest pauses. Studies show using rest-pause sets allows you to do more reps (2). Walker loves how challenging the hack squats are as he tries to catch his breath. 

Lying Leg Curls

Nick Walker takes on the lying leg curl machine for a few reps, again integrating a rest pause. Then he switches to a one-leg curl to do the extra work on his previously injured hamstring. 

“So we did one rest-pause, sit there, but I also wanted to do one single-leg for the hammy. I am still working on just making sure I can get a full contraction on this one despite the tear that I had, so I’ve been doing a couple single-leg stuff on leg day, it’s beneficial for me.”

He didn’t do the one-leg curl to get muscle failure but to get a good squeeze from his hamstrings.

Seated Leg Curls

Walker says seated leg curls are his favorite. He does a couple of sets and reps with the machine because they do extra work on his legs, particularly his hamstrings. Research demonstrates that the seated leg curl is more effective for muscle hypertrophy in the hamstrings (3).

Machine Hip Adductions

Nick Walker uses the hip adduction machine to train the adductor muscles of his inner thighs. This study shows how effective the hip adduction machine is for building glutes (gluteus medius) (4)

Bulgarian Split Squats

Nick Walker goes all out on the Bulgarian split squats to round up his training. He does a high volume of reps using dumbbells but just one set, mainly targeting his lower back, core muscles, and quads

After rounding up his training, Walker barely stood as the workout wiped him out. He had to sit to discuss his exercises and preparation for the coming 2024 New York Pro competition. Nick Walker says making every rep count is essential; he also emphasizes focusing when training. 

“If you guys miss my talking, I’ll do them again after the show. Right now, the training is the priority, making sure everything is on point. We got a New York Pro to win,” states Walker.

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