Brandon Curry shows the beginnings of his immense rise at the San Marino Pro.

OFFSEASON WITH THE CURRYS – is an original docu-series chronicling Brandon Curry’s return to his family from Kuwait. After training abroad for months with the Camel Crew in hopes of a big physique change, Brandon must find a way to balance his family life with his bodybuilding career. This series goes in depth showcasing the hard work it takes both in and outside of the gym to lead a true bodybuilding lifestyle. New episodes air every Tuesday!

At the tail end of Brandon Curry’s time in Kuwait training with the Camel Crew, he ended his stint abroad by competing in the San Marino Pro competition. After a rough showing at the Olympia 2017 – this was his first chance to show the world that his hard work abroad was actually leading to results. And just like that – be placed in the top 3. This was the beginning of his meteoric rise to the top 5 at Olympia 2018. It was the first shimmer of seeing his true potential brought out by the near-magic training of the Camel Crew.

In this episode of Offseason With The Currys – we flash back and forth between his final competition abroad at the San Marino Pro and his time back home during the offseason. Brandon and Brandy talk in more detail about the struggles of being apart for so many months, how it affected their kids, and the tactics they used to stay strong, supportive, and able to overcome any obstacle.

We also get an inside look backstage of Brandon Curry during the San Marino Pro, his epic posing routine, and his reaction after landing in the top three despite wanting to win the competition overall. Check it all out in the episode of Offseason With The Currys above!

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