Steve Laureus out of the Olympia!

Steve Laureus has proven himself to be one of the most talented up and comers on the bodybuilding scene competing in multiple divisions and acquitting himself well. Everyone has been keeping an eye on the talented Laureus and thought that he’d take to the Olympia stage come September.

But it appears Steve Laureus’ coach Neil ‘Yoda’ Hill has other plans.

On the advice of Neil Hill, Steve Laureus will not be competing at the Olympia this year. The decision was made by coach Hill with the intentions of improving upon Laureus’ physique for the 2020 season.


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#flashbackfriday If your goal is to build muscle, develop a wow factor to your physique, and improve month after month! I’ve said it before, and you can be damn sure that I’ll say it again. Consistency is king above all .That’s the muscle building principle. I’m not just talking about the reps and heavy weights you put in at the gym. Your recovery, your health as a whole, your nutrition, your supplementation, and your levels of stress and anxiety all matter. All these variables play a major role to the muscle tissue you’re trying to build and the physique you’re chasing. – Rewind to the @arnoldsports where I’ve had a great stage experience and made planty of improvement working just six months with my coach @neil_yoda_hill1 Now moving through my first true bodybuilding off-season. We decided to take off this Olympia to meet our goals. We are chasing more towards next year.

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Is this the right move?

To be honest, Steve Laureus is still young and has a ton of time to improve upon his physique. That time making improvements could eventually push Laureus into the stratosphere and make him one of the top contenders in the Classic Physique division. This move could be great for his career and really put him on the map when he makes his return to the stage.

What do you think of Steve Laureus and his ever improving physique?

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