Patrick Moore Shows Off Incredible Physique Ahead of Arnold Classic

In case you missed it, there are some exciting things going on at the Arnold Classic 2020.

It seems like only yesterday we were announcing the projecting lineup for the Arnold Classic 2020, and now the competition is only about three months away. Many of the attending athletes are improving their conditioning and getting into the best shape of their lives right now and recent IFBB pro Patrick Moore is no exception. Take a look at what the Texas native shared to Instagram last week. These pictures definitely have some of his competitors running scared:

That’s some incredible conditioning to be this far out from the competition, so it’s safe to say we can expect big things from Patrick Moore. Of course, we already knew that about a man with 22″ arms. Moore only went pro last year, so it’s an impressive feat to be listed alongside Olympia familiars like Big Ramy, William Bonac, and Lionel Beyeke. In total there are 14 competitors at this year’s Arnold Classic and Moore is among the newest crop of fresh blood in the sport.

You might remember Patrick Moore, the “Monster of Texas,” from his impressive 10th place finish at the 2019 Mr. Olympia. You might be surprised to learn that Moore has only been bodybuilding competitively for a couple of years, which is a far cry from the many years some bodybuilders spend mired in the amateur leagues before rising to IFBB-level god tier. If Moore can get here in only a couple of years, where will he be in a couple more? It’s almost terrifying to think about the physique this man could achieve.

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This Arnold Classic physique is definitely something for the others to be looking out for. As the fateful weekend draws nearer every day, the competition gets more intense, and so do the workouts these guys put themselves through in order to be in fighting shape. The off-season physiques melt away and you really start to see their conditioning coming together. Patrick Moore’s conditioning in these photos rivals that of his appearance on the Olympia stage and his arms are possibly even bigger than back then.

It’s also worth looking at this new generation of bodybuilders to see where the sport is headed in the future. Each generation has its defining athletes, whose physiques come to be emblematic of a certain time and place. Everyone remembers Arnold’s dynamic V-taper and, for better or for worse, everyone has Phil Heath’s steroidal bubble gut burned into the back of their eyelids. The arrival of fresh blood like Patrick Moore allows us to celebrate the future of a sport that knows no end. The endless possibility of bodybuilding is truly an inspiration. Patrick Moore’s physique challenges us all to ask what shape we can take and what shape the sport will take in the coming decades, as new challengers rise and old challengers fall. Best of luck to Patrick at the Arnold Classic, we’ll be watching you!


*All images courtesy of Instagram.

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