Bodybuilding Motivation: Our October edition of People Are Awesome has arrived, and it’s bigger and better than ever heading into fall.

People Are Awesome – compilations from the fitness Youtube vlogger Beast Ugis – is designed to assemble the best and biggest fitness wow moments from across the net. And this season really delivers in this latest bodybuilding motivation video – with gymnasts, models, bodybuilders, breakdancers and more all duking it out for ultimate body supremacy. Models twerk, dancers dance, and yoga girls bend into impossible positions.

If the internet has showed us anything as it has grown and connected us – is just how far the human race can push perceived limitations. It shows the depths of creativity, amazement, strength, and skill in ways that will literally make our jaws drop and inspire us to join in and add to the pursuit of greater accomplishments.

These compilations are always inspiring because they remind us what the human body can do when pushed to its ultimate limit. No matter how many things you think have been done or accomplished, there’s always new, fun things for you to try out for yourself, new milestones to hit. These people did just that.

If you like what you see, make sure to subscribe to Beast Ugis’ official YouTube channel right here for more bodybuilding motivation videos and content!



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