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Phil Heath unveils all in most recent interview.

Winning the Olympia is a mountain of a task. The torturous training, the countless hours spent in the gym, the maddening adherence and a strict diet plan. There’s a reason why only a few guys get to the top of this game. If it were so easy, you and countless others would be up on posing stages doing the same damn thing. But it takes more than just hard work and dedication. It takes a obsession to get to that top spot.

Now think of current champ Phil Heath. He was a man on a mission when he won his first Sandow. When he won his second he hoped to prove doubters wrong, that he wasn’t just a one hit wonder. Now after winning four times in a row it seems that mister Heath is just going with the flow and letting things fall into place…What?! You’re telling me that Phil Heath is picking up these wins and just enjoying himself?

If you let Phil tell it, you’ll hear a pretty interesting take on his last Olympia win. He actually thinks that Shawn Rhoden should’ve beat out Kai Greene! He’d also tell you that at the 2014 Olympia he wasn’t even at his best. But don’t take our word for it. Check out this video posted up by Mark Lobliner of TigerFitness. Phil talks about the dynasty he’s hoping to carve out in the bodybuilding world.

Be warned, the video may be offensive to Kai Greene fans.

Phil’s a confident dude, no doubting that. But it seems that he’s reached a level of positivity, particularly these days. He’s looking to win six or seven more Sandows before calling it quits and wants to do so with a smile on his face. Only time is going to tell if he can make that bold statement a reality.

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