Pumping Iron Outtake: Watch Arnold, Zane, And Corney Blow Peoples’ Minds At Museum

Strength Wars Movie

Off the stage and into the museum.

We’ve talked before about a seemingly simple question: Is bodybuilding more sport or fine art? For every bodybuilding superstar that might remind us of other famous athletes like Phil Heath – there is also someone like Kai Greene turning the dedication, strength, and power of bodybuilding into an artistic expression. But back in the early days of bodybuilding, the business wasn’t very well known across the world… let alone something that would be considered “high art.”

So you could imagine how mind blowing it was when bodybuilding greats such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, and Ed Corney where invited to display their massive physiques in The Whitney Museum of American Art. This wasn’t a bodybuilding competition – this was a display of artistic expression. Removed from the niche audience that was familiar with the sport and cast out into the very different world of NYC art culture. It was all very new, exciting, and down right different to say the least. And you can check it out here in this short featurette including outtakes from Pumping Iron. Take a look below:

They’re basically living breathing statues. What do you think? Should we be putting more bodybuilders into museums and art galleries? Let us know in the official GI Forums or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter. Stay pumped.

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