Rafael Brandao is Building an Insane Physique for 2020 With Help From Flex Lewis

Rafael Brandao is looking like a world beater.

The bodybuilding world can be a fickle beast. One moment a competitor is on top of the world, the most exciting prospect on the scene who will upset the balance and change bodybuilding forever. The next, that prospect has fallen by the wayside never to be considered a contender again.

Bodybuilding is all about the results. Even if you brought a great physique to the stage all anyone will ever remember is the winner of the show, the one who asserted their greatness over all others.

In reality that’s a mistake. Many people forget about the dark horses, the ones that can truly destroy the competition with a few key victories under their belts. There’s a tendency to dismiss the dark horses of the division as individuals that could be great but haven’t quite reached the height of their powers.

But doing so could be a grave mistake in the case of Rafael Brandao.

While he hasn’t been on stage for some time now, Rafael Brandao has been working on his physique this whole time. In fact, not only has Rafael Brandao been improving his physique, but he’s been doing so with the help of former 212 Olympia King Flex Lewis.

Training out of the Dragon’s Lair in Florida, Rafael Brandao has been making some significant improvements to his physique, improvements that could see him shocking the masses in 2020. Take a look at some of the training clips below as well as the massive size Rafael Brandao has packed onto his frame.


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Could Rafael Brandao upset the balance in 2020?

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