Generation Iron 85 Year Old Deadlift

There’s time to rest when you’re dead.

Ever feel like you just can’t make it to the gym? That you’re too tired or that you have nagging injuries keeping you from training? It’s no big deal, it happens to the best of us. Some days the thought of training just saps you of your energy and makes you feel like the whole ordeal is an impossible task. But one day missing┬áthe gym could become two, two can become three. Then suddenly you find yourself sitting on your lazy ass wondering how you lost all your gains. If this sounds like you or someone you know then here’s a few words you need to hear: get up off your ass!

Excuses are just crutches that will end up doing you no good. Living the life of an athlete is more than just being at peak condition for a period of time in your life. Training should be a lifestyle choice not just something you do purely for aesthetics or for a short time in the spotlight. You could be lifting well into old age if you live a healthy lifestyle and keep at it.


Which brings us to Joe Stockinger. This┬áman is likely the strongest 85 year old out there. The Alberta resident recently put up some impressive numbers at a power lifting competition in Calgary this past June. Stockinger dialed in a 202 kilogram deadlift. For those of you who don’t understand the metric system, that’s a whopping 440 lbs. Nevermind Stockinger’s age, that’s an impressive number in itself. He’s proving that age is certainly just a number. He also put up a 85 kg bench (187 lbs) and a 122.5 kilo (270 lbs) squat. To be able to put up that amount of weight as a senior citizen is nothing short of impressive. Not only that, but with the three lifts Stockinger set 3 world records for his class.

If you want further proof that Joe Stockinger is still going strong then check out the video below of the Canadian power lifter at a competition in 2014.

After seeing that there’s no way you couldn’t be impressed. Not only that, but it should be motivating you to get your ass in the gym ASAP. Training shouldn’t just be a hobby that you dabble in here and there, rather it should be a way of life. If you keep a hold onto that ideology then you’ll likely be lifting into your 80’s like Stockinger.

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