Sometimes people have a bad day. In First Blood, Sylvester Stallone had one of the worst days we could imagine. Just one misunderstanding after another leads this jacked war vet into an all out battle against an entire police squad.

Stallone kicks some major ass in this film. After some torturous flashbacks of Vietnam, Rambo snaps and literally punches his way out of a police station. He even throws one deputy out of a window. Talk about raw strength. Stallone is the epitome of strength for ninety nonstop minutes- getting shot at, beat, and even having rockets fired at him.

But that doesn’t stop this ex war hero. By the end of movie the entire town of Hope, Washington is destroyed; the police squad is beaten to a pulp; and it all ends with Rambo surrounded by the cops – raging about the horrors of war. Stallone was so pumped for this role that he accidentally broke a stuntman’s nose during filming. He can be seen wearing a band-aid on his face for the rest of the film. A constant reminder of the absolute brute strength of Sylvester Stallone – and why First Blood ranks #23 on our list.


The action and muscles keep coming tomorrow with #22 on our Top 30 Muscle Movies countdown. Let us know how we’re doing by leaving a comment here, Facebook, or Twitter. Rambo says it best, “Nothing is over! Nothing!”


Photo courtesy of: Lewis Wayne Gallery

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