Video: Two Weightlifters Complete Insane 280kg Tandem Clean & Jerk


These two weightlifters showed off their strength and trust in each other.

Crazy lifts performed during training sessions are certainly something to marvel at. A tandem lift adds another element that you have to see to believe.

South Korean weightlifters Bak Joo-Hyo and Lee Sangyeon shared an insane 280kg clean & jerk that they completed as a duo. The two completed the lift as a tandem, which requires plenty of coordination, strength, and trust in your partner.

“Following the clean & jerk 220kg that Juhyo and I did a few days ago, I tried another challenge. this time it’s 280kg of clean & jerk.”


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Both weightlifters opted for wrist straps when completing the lift. Sangyeon did not use knee straps or a lifting belt, like his partner did. He did not even wear a shirt for the lift.

Just How Difficult Is This Lift For Two Weightlifters?

All elements have to be in sync for this lift to be completed without a hitch. There needs to be two athletes who trust each other and stand around the same height. It would not work if one was significant taller than the other. Here, both weightlifters are near the same weight and compete on the South Korean national weightlifting team.

Sangyeon competes in the 67kg division while Joo-Hyo is in the 73kg division. The clean & jerk world record in the 73kg division is held by Shi Zhiyong, who lifted 198kg (436.5lb). While tandem lifts obviously do not count toward world records, and there is more possible with two lifters, a 280kg lift is impressive.

In 2011, German weightlifters Matthias Steiner and Almir Velagic completed a 333.3kg (734.8lb) lift, which is the heaviest amount of weight to be lifted overhead.

This might not be a competition lift but Sangyeon and Joo-Hyo pulled off a feat that is extremely impressive.

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