Victor Martinez shares some memories with Cedric McMillan highlighting his intense focus and playful sense of humor

On April 12, 2022 the bodybuilding world lost another fantastic and vibrant bodybuilder – Cedric McMillan. He passed away at 44 years old, far too young and one of many over the past year that have left too soon. Many in the bodybuilding community have been paying tribute and sending condolences since the news was announced. After a training session at the Generation Iron Personal Training Facility, Victor Martinez recorded a video paying tribute and sharing some stories about the late Cedric McMillan.

While Victor Martinez was not extremely close with the bodybuilder, he had spent time with him a small handful of times. Two moments in particular took place at the Arnold Classic. Once in 2019 and a second time in 2021.

Many knew Cedric McMillan from his on stage persona – a very focused and thoughtful bodybuilder that aimed to make big changes to the sport with his more classic style physique. Despite the new Classic Physique division, McMillan remained in the Men’s Open category – seemingly looking to prove a classic style physique can stand tall as champion. He proved just that in 2017 when he won the Arnold Classic.

But despite this introspection and focus – Cedric McMillan was also a playful and funny man. This was seen in his interactions with Arnold Schwarzenegger after winning the 2017 Arnold Classic. It’s that side of McMillan that Victor Martinez focused on in his memories of the late bodybuilder.

Victor Martinez admitted that before meeting Cedric McMillan, he “never knew how to read him.” So his sudden witty bouts of humor surprised him on numerous occasions. One came in 2019 at the Arnold Classic. McMillan looked focus about to step on stage. As a sort of courtesy/small talk, Martinez asked him, “Are you alright?” Without a beat, McMillan responded with a grin, “You expect me to be Poppy Joe and laughing?” Victor Martinez appreciated both his humor and focus in the moment. Two qualities that would come to define the champion bodybuilder (alongside his fantastic physique).

Victor Martinez then shares a second story from last year’s 2021 Arnold Classic. Though neither were competing, they had an opportunity to speak and catch up backstage. Martinez had noticed that Cedric McMillan was working on building some sort of project on social media. Martinez asked him about it and McMillan responded, “Well, Vic, if you build something you probably have less kids.” Another funny quip without a beat.

While McMillan’s humor was evident on stage – his more focused and serious side normally took the lead. Which is why in his final words during his tribute message, Victor Martinez wanted to remember the light and humor behind Cedric McMillan’s personality:

“If you took him serious, you probably took him too serious. But he was a standup guy… and every word that came out of his mouth was nothing but truth. I wish everybody was like that. Cedric, miss you bro.”

– Victor Martinez

Cedric McMillan’s loss is yet another tragic moment in a rough to years for the sport of bodybuilding. Generation Iron would like to once again send condolences to the friends and family of McMillan at this time. As Victor Martinez said – he was a stand up guy and will truly be missed.

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