Big Ramy is done with Oxygen Gym and moving back to Egypt according to reports.

It looks like Big Ramy’s disappointing showing is having some repercussions after all. Our content partner Williams Fitness has reported that various sources are confirming that Big Ramy is quitting Oxygen Gym and moving back to Egypt. You can check out the quick video news update above that compiles the initial report.

Many fans and bodybuilding experts were criticizing not only Big Ramy but Oxygen gym for having him come in at such a massive size (310 lbs) but with lacking conditioning. It seems now that Big Ramy is taking that criticism to heart and is beginning to change his tactics for the next year.

As of this writing it seems that Bader Boodai has confirmed the split – and has stated that the decision was amicable between both parties. Only time will tell how this news break will unfold – so stay tuned to Generation Iron Fitness Network as more information develops!

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