Don’t make these weight belt mistakes.

Waist trainers or weight belts became popularized when many pro bodybuilders started using them to achieve truly insane V-taper physiques. It inspired many fans looking up at the sport to do the same. But like many things in life – there is a gap between the inspiration and the actual detailed facts needed to effectively implement something correctly in your life. Now odds are that some or even many of you are using weight belts correctly – but for those of you who might be doing it wrong and not even realize it, Kenny K.O. has created a video to showcase how the belt might actually be making things harder for you instead of easier.

Check out Kenny K.O.’s video above to find out if you might be accidentally making your life a little bit harder than it needs to be in the world of fitness and bodybuilding. Watch the full video above!

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  1. Very good video! I see some guys at the gym using a belt even when doing mid to high rep sets. I always want to correct them but I don’t cuz I don’t want them to think I’m trying to but in. This video is very necessary!!!

  2. This video is NOT RIGHT! I use the belt every workout because:

    1.) your waistline is stabilized any time! Thats important if you have a small waistline and work with heavy weights or doing sets where its needed like free shoulderpress…

    2.) it helps in the diet. you gettin sweat under the belt… you loose more water in the waistline (loosing much water… loosing a bit fat also)

    His opinion is his opinion. Mine is…. I WEAR ALWAYS A BELT… THE RESULT GIVES ME right!

  3. While the video is a good start, it failed to provide any information on the correct use of the belt. No guidance on position, technique or tightness. Most people wear them too low. Most people over-tighten. Most use them for their back incorrectly and don’t know how to press into the belt abdominally.

  4. APT is a genetic issue also caused by bad sitting posture. But he is right where he said obese people think belt will reduce their fat many guys ask me too that will it help to lose belly fat??:p

  5. I’ve been wearing mine lately as I had hernia surgery, inguinal, and use it as an aid to propriaception. It acts as a reminder to keep my stomach tight and helps with reducing pain in my lower abdomen. Prior to that, I just wore it on my heaviest sets.

  6. Thanks after reading this ,since I m doing a %80 percent cycle,I decided to take the belt of during my chest routine, I pulled a muscle in my abdominals.i went hard ,but I always go hard ,beast mode,if your using a belt a t be time it’s ok ,just work on your core ,planks ,crunches ,,,,stupid acticle


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