Find your purpose.

Bodybuilding is a repetitive and challenging process. The food is repetitive. The training is repetitive. The pain and struggle is repetitive. That’s what makes so much of the world out of shape – because for most it’s not FUN to be working out and eating strict diets.

So even if you want to be a competitive bodybuilder. Even if you think it’s in your blood. When the chips are down and the deep struggle to transform to the next level hits… that’s where you separate the champions from the quitters. So how do you get past that? How do you dig deep and find the willpower to soldier on? It’s all about purpose. A sense of purpose to every rep and every meal will keep you strong enough to survive all challenges.

This motivational video by Alex Kalts Motivation will give you a temporary boost of inspiration and purpose to kick ass in your next workout. But you need to find that deeper sense of purpose for yourself. Hopefully these motivational words will inspire you to find that purpose in the long run. Check it out above!

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