Back and shoulder pain can hinder your bodybuilding progress.

We all get injuries, it’s a truth apart of keep yourself fit and healthy. Sometimes you zigged when you should have zagged and all of a sudden you find yourself injured terribly. Nevertheless, we must push through those injuries if we want if we want to continue making gains. Dealing with nagging injuries and pains is something that every bodybuilder must learn to deal with at some point in their life.

Two very common injuries that can cause a ton of pain during your training is back and shoulders. Just thinking about can be painful. But there are ways to work around back and shoulder pain in hopes of building a solid physique.

Veteran bodybuilder Ric Drasin has his own training process on how you can avoid pain in both your back and shoulder in order to have a productive workout. You can also check out Generation Iron’s very own step by step guide on how to safely train through lower back pain right here.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for ways to get a ripped and massive lower back – but are having trouble and hitting plateaus – you can also check out our guide of the top 5 workouts for a ripped lower back.

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