Dennis James is ready for a showdown of a lifetime at the Arnold Classic 2019.

We are less than a month away from the Arnold Classic 2019 – the unofficial start of the bodybuilding season… and the hype is very real this year. Ratcheting up the excitement is bodybuilding guru Dennis James – who took to social media to breakdown why he believes that this will be the most competitive Arnold Classic in years.

That’s really what any fan is looking for – not their favorite bodybuilder to dominate (though that is nice) but to see a real showdown between the top athletes. Uncertainty in the results, a back and forth between competitors, that is what gets the crowd excited. That’s what makes for a good bodybuilding competition.

And so we hope that Dennis James is right – and you can check out why he thinks this will be the most competitive Arnold Classic in this video compiled by Fazi Fitness above!

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