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Kai Greene squashes rumors of his return to competitive bodybuilding at Olympia 2018.

Many people have been wondering – will we ever see Kai Greene compete on stage again? These hopes and thoughts blow up into bigger things, specifically rumors that Kai Greene will actually return. This has happened every year near the Mr. Olympia ever since he retired from the stage. 2018 is now different and many people have been teasing that Kai actually plans to compete at the Mr. Olympia this year.

Well, Kai himself took to the internet and posted a video responding to the rumors – squashing any chance that he would actually return to the competitive stage. As much as the world would love to see him face Phil Heath again, we need to accept the fact that that era is over. We also need to respect the choices Kai has made – as he continues to find success outside of bodybuilding.

The IFBB and bodybuilding as a whole was a platform that gave him so much opportunity – now he’s using that opportunity to do brand new things in an even bigger arena. We’re excited for him and can’t wait to see what he does next.

Check out his video post above to hear it for yourself – Kai will not be competing any time soon.

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