Advanced Training Techniques To Take Your Gains To The Next Level


Advanced Training Techniques You Should Know About

The reason you’re not building muscle could be because you’ve hit a plateau. Once your body gets used to your usual training techniques, it stops growing. You need to be shocking your muscles in order for them to grow.

Advanced training techniques can help you get the most of your workouts by annihilating your muscles. Incorporating these techniques into your workouts will keep your muscles guessing with what hit them and will force your muscles into growing bigger.

5 Advanced Training Techniques To Incorporate Into Your Workouts

1. Supersets

All of these techniques are supposed to make your workouts harder. Doing this will push your muscles to work harder and in the process will make them stronger and bigger. Supersets are one of the most common advanced training techniques used in the gym.

In supersets, after you’re done with an exercise, you move onto a different exercise for the same muscle group without taking any rest. This cycle of exercises is considered to be one set. Sets with three different exercises are known as a giant set. Supersetting alternate muscle groups are known as antagonistic supersets.

2. Drop Sets

Drop sets can take your workouts to a whole new level. This technique is the best if you’re aiming for muscle failure. It’s not uncommon to have sore muscles the day after you perform some drop sets.

Drop sets can take lesser time as compared to the supersets as you don’t have to switch between exercises. After you’re done with your set, lower the weights and do another set until you hit failure. Avoid stopping for rest between the supersets.

3. Intraset Stretching

Intraset stretching is a relatively newer training technique. Dr. Jacob Wilson and his team at the Applied Science and Performance Institute in Tampa, Florida put this technique to test and it came out with flying colors. In intraset stretching, you complete your normal set and then hold the weights at the stretched position.

The pump and added tension of holding the weights at the stretched position intensify the muscle pumps and makes your muscles go through a huge amount of damage. You complete another set after holding the weights at the stretched position for 10 seconds.

4. Blood Flow Restriction Training

Getting a pump is the best thing which could happen to you in the gym. A pump is when your muscles are filled with blood. Blood carries all the nutrients, including protein, to your muscles. This is the reason bodybuilders chase the pump.

Some people confuse blood flow restriction training with occlusion training. Blood flow restriction training allows the inflow of blood into the muscle but restricts the outflow when you have a pump. Occlusion training, on the other hand, cuts off the blood flow to the muscles completely.

In BFR training, you tie an elastic band around your working muscle. You would only be able to lift around 50-60% of your regular weights with your muscles tied. The pumps and pain while using this technique is something you should experience at least once.

5. Rest-Pause

Rest-pause training is a complete overkill for your muscles. Your muscles will be filled with lactic acid and you won’t know what to do with them by the end of your workout. The rest-pause technique turns your sets into multiple mini-sets.

While using this technique, your main goal is to exhaust your muscle fibers and leave nothing in the tank. Once you hit failure, rest for 5-10 seconds and resume the set until you can’t do any more reps.

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